Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Maxi Cabs Melbourne

In this blog post, we are answering the most asked questions and doubts you might have about maxi cab services by 13maxi.

What are the different services provided by 13maxi?

At 13maxi, we offer a plethora of services for our customers. Here are the services we provide.

  • Airport transfers
  • Parcel delivery
  • Domestic tour packages/tour services
  • Standard taxi transfers

How can we book a maxi taxi with 13maxi?

Our booking procedure is really effortless. You can call us at our number and book a maxi cab, or you can simply visit our website and fill in the necessary details. This cannot get any simpler.

Do you have wheelchair maxi cabs?

In our Melbourne maxi taxi, we do have wheelchair-friendly cabs that enable comfortable and safe rides. We strive to provide the best services to our customers in all aspects.

What about hygiene and Cleanliness?

At 13maxi, we know how important hygiene is, especially during the pandemic. Our maxi cabs are well-maintained and sanitized after every ride. We put our customer’s health and safety above anything.

We also regularly clean our maxi taxis to provide only the best for our passengers. Furthermore, we thoroughly follow all the standards and guidelines provided by the authorities. In this matter, we take no risks-hence, our taxis are completely safe and clean.

Are 13maxi maxi cabs baby-friendly?

Yes. We can accommodate passengers of all ages. We do have baby seats for babies and toddlers that come with extra safety. Our maxi cab services strive to satisfy all kinds of passengers from different age groups.

How many can fit in a maxi cab?

We can accommodate up to 11 members in a maxi cab. Additionally, our cabs are wheel-chair friendly and have baby seats. It is perfect for any kind of trip.

What about airport Transfers?

Whether you want to pick up your guest at the airport or drop you at the airport, we do it all. Our drivers are professional and drop/pick up at the right time. With us, you do not have to be nervous about being late.

We do provide door-to-door service, meaning we will pick up/drop you at your specified address.

Can I instantly book a taxi?

Yes! You can call us @0391119974 for instant maxi taxi Melbourne or you can also pre-book our taxis by calling or filling out the form on our website.

Do you do parcel deliveries?

One of our main services is delivering parcels for our customers. We safely deliver your package instantly without any damage.

Will maxi cabs be able to carry all the luggage while touring?

Absolutely! Our Melbourne maxi taxis can accommodate the luggage of all 11 passengers.

Can we get an approximate taxi fare before riding?

Yes, our maxi taxi fare calculator will provide an approximate amount for your ride. It is easier for customers to budget their rides or share the bills among themselves.

These are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions on maxi cab services. If you are looking for reliable and affordable maxi taxis in Melbourne, then reach out to 13maxi for exceptional cab services.

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